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Maileva Letter 210mm x 297mm
Need to mail letters, invoices or other documents into Europe? Maileva gives Click2Mail users the ability to create and send mailings to 1 to 30,000 recipients in France and/or Europe. La Poste, France’s national postal service, does the rest! They print your documents within a day, put them in envelopes, stamp and deliver them to their final destinations within 1-2 days.

Documents are printed on A4 paper, the European standard, and you can choose either the smaller #10 style DL envelope or the flat style C4 for postal delivery of documents up to 58 pages in length. Delivery times for Prioritaire (First-Class) are the same as for traditional French mail (1 or 2 days).

Q: What is Maileva?

A: Maileva is a system that enables you to send postal mail into France and Europe directly from your computer. Operated by Docapost, part of La Poste, the French postal service, Maileva has provided online mailing tools in France for over ten years. In a partnership with Click2Mail, Maileva now offers US mailers direct access to their services through a special English language version of the Maileva website.

Q: Who can use Maileva?

A: Registered Click2Mail users are able to log into Maileva’s suite of online tools through their Click2Mail account in order to create both small and large personalized mailings and to send certified letters into France.

Q: How does Maileva work?

A: Like Click2Mail, Maileva allows you to create your document on your computer and upload it with your addresses to Maileva over the Internet. La Poste, the French postal service, receives and prints your mailpieces on state of the art digital printing presses in France, inserts them into envelopes and posts them for delivery.

Q: What can I mail through Maileva?

A: Almost any document up to 58 pages in length can be sent via Maileva for mailing in France. You can send up to 4 sheets of double-sided A4 paper (8 pages) in a #10-style DL envelope, or up to 29 sheets (58 pages) in a flat-size C4 envelope. These can be full color or black and white documents; examples include letters, invoices, statements and direct marketing material.

Q: Where and how are letters mailed?

A: Maileva mail is deposited in France as domestic French mail. Your choices of mail class include: Prioritaire or Mail – Priority, which is roughly equivalent to US First-Class Mail; Ecopli or Economy mail, which is slower but less expensive than Prioritaire; and Lettre Recommandée, a French version of Certified Mail.

Q: What is Maileva's "Lettre Recommandée Electronique"?

A: Maileva's "Lettre Recommandée Electronique" is a letter that provides tracking information to the sender that includes the delivery date of the letter or if necessary, reasons for non-delivery. Maileva's "Lettre Recommandée Electronique" does not include a delivery guarantee and has no legal value.

Q: How soon is my Maileva order printed and mailed?

A: Fulfillment times vary by product. Certain Maileva orders can be printed and mailed the same day if submitted prior to the cutoff. However, Maileva’s submission deadlines are set to French Time (CET), which is normally six hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. All Maileva orders are printed and mailed within 1 – 2 business days.

Q: What does it cost?

A: It’s free to access Maileva Online and you are only charged per mailpiece you send. There is no minimum order, subscription fee or contract. The price includes paper, envelope, print, inserting, sorting, and postage. Current pricing can be found in the product selector section on under International Mail.

Q: How do I pay and will I be charged in US or French currency?

A: Pricing is presented in US dollars and Click2Mail users pay in US Dollars via their Click2Mail account using any payment method(s) authorized for their account.

Q: What do I need to use Maileva?

A: All you need to access the Maileva system is a computer with Internet access, a web browser and a Click2Mail user account. (Note: Internet Explorer 9 is not compatible with Maileva) No special software is required, and there is nothing to install. To create documents for mailing, you will need Microsoft Word, or an equivalent package that can output .doc, .rtf or .pdf files, and you may also need a spreadsheet package (such as Microsoft Excel) to prepare your address data files.

Q: Are there any design restrictions with Maileva?

A: Like Click2Mail, Maileva gives you freedom to design your documents from scratch. However, Maileva prints on A4 paper, the worldwide standard outside of North America, which is NOT the same size as American letter paper. Maileva’s system will resize your documents to fit, but designing for A4 paper initially is likely to produce better results. Maileva prints a Datamatrix barcode in the left margin of each page, so you must be careful to use reference points to check that barcode-reserved areas do not cover up your content. In addition, when using “address on first page”, you must use reference points to ensure that the deletion mask for the addressee's address does not cover up your content.

Q: What type of documents can I upload to Maileva?

A: Text (.txt), Word (.doc and .rtf), Excel (.xls), Publisher (.pub) and PDF (.pdf) documents can be uploaded to Maileva. At this time, the newer Microsoft file formats, .docx and .xlsx cannot be used with Maileva. Files using .docx and .xlsx formats must be saved in the older .doc and .xls formats before being uploaded to Maileva.

Q: What type of mailing list files can I upload to Maileva?

A: Excel (.xls) and Text (.txt) mailing list files can be uploaded to Maileva. At this time, the newer Microsoft file format, .xlsx cannot be used with Maileva. Mailing list files using the .xlsx format must be saved in the older .xls format before being uploaded to Maileva.

Q: In what language will my document be printed?

A: Your document will be printed exactly as you prepare it and as it is viewed in the proof. Translation services are not provided so if you prepare a document in English it will print in English.

Q: What is the maximum page limit?

A: The maximum number of pages per mailpiece depends on the type of product you are mailing. A page is defined as one side of a sheet of paper, and choosing two-sided printing (duplex) allows for the following page maximums by product:

  • Certified Letter (Lettre Recommandée), Address on First Page, DL Envelope: 8 pages
  • Certified Letter (Lettre Recommandée), Address on Separate Page, C4 Envelope: 58 pages
  • Certified Letter (Lettre Recommandée), Address on Separate Page, DL Envelope: 8 pages
  • Letter, Address on First Page, DL Envelope: 8 pages
  • Letter, Address on Separate Page, C4 Envelope: 58 pages
  • Letter, Address on Separate Page, DL Envelope: 8 pages

Q: What if I need support?

A: Click2Mail provides online support and telephone support for Maileva from our offices in the United States. We also work with Maileva support personnel in France to research and resolve any technical, production or delivery issues.

Q: Who are the people behind Maileva?

A: Maileva is a product of Docapost, part of the La Poste Group, which is the world's third largest postal group.

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