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Ancillary Endorsements

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Add an Ancillary Endorsement
Carly Brown Oct 11, 2016

You can add ancillary endorsements to your Pro order....

About Ancillary Endorsements
Antoinette Collins Sep 29, 2016

Ancillary Endorsements provide the USPS instructions on how to handle forwarded and undeliverable-as-addressed pieces. They are the same for all classes of mail, but the treatment and cost differ by mail class. Use of an ancillary endorsement on a mailpiece obligates you to pay USPS any appl......

No Ancillary Endorsement
Antoinette Collins Sep 30, 2016

If the USPS cannot deliver your mail as addressed and you've not added an ancillary endorsement, it will follow these guidelines, based on mail class:Priority Mail and First-Class Mail:     Same as USPS action for "Forwarding Service Requested". The mail will be returned to the ret......

Forwarding Service Requested
Antoinette Collins Oct 4, 2016

Forwarding Service Requested addresses the forwarding and return of mail.  New address notification is only provided only with return pieces as indicated in the table below....

Address Service Requested
Jim Boardman Oct 5, 2016

Address Service Requested: The mailpiece is forwarded to the new location when possible and a printed notice is returned to the mailer with the new address information. This notice is then used by the mailer to update the address list....

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