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Address Service Requested

Jim Boardman posted this on Oct 5, 2016

Address Service Requested: The mailpiece is forwarded to the new location when possible and a printed notice is returned to the mailer with the new address information. This notice is then used by the mailer to update the address list.

Months 1-12: the mailpiece is forwarded at no charge; the mailer is provided a separate notice of new address and charged an address correction fee (fee is determined by the USPS).
Months 13-18: for First-Class Mail, the mailpiece is returned with the new address attached at no charge. For Standard Mail, the mailpiece is returned at a weighted fee. The weighted fee is 2.472 times the applicable single-piece First-Class Mail or Priority Mail postage.
After month 18 or if undeliverable at any time: the mailpiece is returned with reason for nondelivery. Fee charged for Standard Mail


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