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Certified Mail Delivery Statuses

Jim Boardman posted this on Sep 27, 2016

There are several delivery statuses that can indicate the current status of a Certified Mail piece within the USPS system.  The chart below highlights the most common statuses.



Electronic Shipping Info Received

A file has been forwarded to the USPS indicating that the mailpiece(s) and their associated barcodes are to be dropped off soon

Shipment Acceptance

This status indicates that the mailpiece has been delivered to the USPS.  They have scanned it into the system and they are processing it for delivery.

Undeliverable as Addressed

The mailpiece could not be delivered as addressed.  This could be because of any variety of reasons (incomplete address, incorrect address, no mail receptacle, etc).  Mailpieces in this status will be returned to sender.


The recipient has a forwarding record on file with the USPS and the mailpiece was forwarded to the recipients new address of record.


This status indicates that the mailpiece was routed to an incorrect Postal Facility and has been corrected. 

Arrival at Unit

This is an indicator that the mailpiece as arrived at a new postal facility.  This could be a sorting facility in route to the final delivery Post Office, or it could be the final delivery Post Office.  While a valuable piece of information for the sender, this does tend to be an inconsistently used status by the USPS.


Delivery was attempted, however an individual at the delivery location refused to sign for the package.

Attempted / Notice Left

Delivery was attempted, however no individual was available to sign for it.  Notice was left for the recipient to pick up the mailpiece at their post office.  The USPS will attempt delivery 2 times over a 25 day window.  If the delivery cannot be completed and the piece signed for, the mailpiece will be returned to sender.


Mailpiece has been accepted and signed for at the delivery location.  If Restricted Delivery was selected, the mailpiece was signed for by the actual recipient on the mailpiece.

Return to Sender

This indicates that the mailpiece is being returned to sender for some reason.  Typically, there will be another status (Undeliverable as addressed, Refused, etc) that will accompany this status.

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