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Submit an order through the Click2Mail Add-in

Carly Brown posted this on Aug 2, 2017

Launch the Add-in. Enter your username and password and click "Log in".

Click "Get Started".

Get Started

Select a product and click "Continue".


Make final changes to document and click "Attach Current Document".

Attach Current Document

Now you have to tell us who to mail your document to, and there are three ways to do that. You can capture the address if it's already on the document. You can manually enter a mailing address. You can also mail to a list that's stored in your Click2Mail account.

To capture an address that's already on the document, highlight it and click "Capture Address".

Capture Address

To manually enter a mailing address, enter it into the address fields and click "Create Single Address".

Create Single Address

To mail your document to a list already stored in your Click2Mail account, click on the "Saved Lists" tab, select a list and click "Continue".

Saved Lists

Select printing options and click "Continue".


Review your print and postage options and click "Submit Job". If you don't have enough user credit to pay for your order, you may have to add funds before you can complete this step.

Submit Job

Review your order confirmation. An order confirmation will also be sent to your email address.

Order Confirmation