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Insert an Image Using the MOL Pro Editor

Carly Brown posted this on Oct 11, 2016

Images should be more than 150 DPI and they must not have a transparent background.  More about image DPI can be found here.

Images can be .png, .jpg, .tif or .gif files.

To insert an image onto your mailpiece using the MOL Pro document editor while configuring your product, click "Edit Document".


Edit Document


If you are working with an existing document, select it from the list and click "Save and close".


Save and Close


If you are uploading a document, click "Upload a Document".  More information about uploading a document can be found here.  You can reach the editor after you have completed the upload process.

If you are creating a document from scratch, click "Create Document".  You will reach the editor after you give your new document a name.

Upload Document


Once you have reached the editor, click "Image" from the menu on the left.




Browse through saved images on your computer to locate the image you want to upload.  Click filename to select that image.


Find Image


Then Click "Open".




Your image will appear in a window titled "Upload Your Image".  You may use your image "as is"" if you want.  Other options are to crop your image or exit image popup.

If you want to use the image as is, click "Upload" to add the image to your document.


To crop image, click "Crop".

To move crop box to another part of the image, place mouse inside crop box lines and click and drag to the desired location.

Click "Fit to Size" to resize entire image to fit within crop box.

Use +/- slider to zoom in or out on the image.

Click "Reset" if you wish to start over again with cropping process.

Click "Crop and upload" when you are satisfied with image and want to add it to the document.


The inserted image will appear on your mailpiece.  You can hover your mouse over the image and move it when the hand icon appears.  You can click and drag one of the black boxes around the perimeter of the image to resize it.


Upload Your Image


If you have any questions, please contact Click2Mail Customer Support at 866-665-2787 or  Our hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 9 AM to 8 PM Eastern.

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