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What can I send via Email-to-Mail?
Carly Brown Oct 12, 2016

You can send regular first-class, certified or priority letters with email-to-mail....

About Email-to-Mail
Antoinette Collins Sep 29, 2016

Email-to-Mail transforms email attachments into postal mail. You can send regular first class, certified and priority mail letters using Email-to-Mail.Why Email-to-Mail?It’s FAST: Once you’ve set up your account, you simply send an email to send a postal letter of 1 to 94 pages. It&rs......

No Signature File Attachments
Carly Brown Oct 25, 2016


What kind of document attachments does Email-to-Mail accept?
Carly Brown Feb 22, 2018


Character Limit for Recipient Line in Recipient Address
Antoinette Collins Oct 4, 2016

Each recipient line in the recipient address block is now limited to a total of 40 characters on all product types.  Anything over this number of characters will be truncated.  The reason for the character limit is that extremely long recipient lines used to wrap, ca......

Quickletter Defaults
Antoinette Collins Oct 4, 2016

Quickletters are:...

Confirm an Email-to-Mail Order
Antoinette Collins Oct 4, 2016

If you selected "Order Confirmation" when you set up a customer mailbox, you will need to manually confirm each Email-to-Mail order before it is printed and mailed....

Will email stationary print?
Antoinette Collins Oct 6, 2016


Set Descending Direction