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What is the NCOA / Move Update?
Antoinette Collins Sep 27, 2016

Move Update is an address correction service that the USPS provides to mailers through USPS licenses. Address correction is necessary when your recipients move (either temporarily or permanently) and have filed a ˜change of address with the USPS. To obtain the appropriate address correction......

How can I obtain discounted postage rates?
Jim Boardman Sep 27, 2016

The USPS gives mailers postage discounts for presorted mailings.  These discounts are based on the concept of work sharing.  Presenting presorted mail that meets automation and barcode requirements enables bypass of one or more of the Postal Service's sorting operations.  This bypa......

Antoinette Collins Sep 28, 2016

This link will take you to the USPS FAQs:

Why can't you put UV coating on black and white documents?
Jim Boardman Sep 28, 2016

You can only select UV coating for full-color documents.  This is because black ink absorbs more of the UV coating than the white paper, which causes an uneven, unpleasant looking final product....

What causes an address to be non-standard?
Antoinette Collins Sep 28, 2016

There are multiple an address might be considered non-standard.  Some of the most common:1.  The address is located in a new subdivision, on a new street, or in a new building.2.  The person living at the address has opened a PO Box.  In this case, the home address become......

What are the USPS Mailability Standards for Mailpieces?
Antoinette Collins Sep 28, 2016

While Click2Mail ensures that every piece of mail that you submit through our service will meet all physical Mailability Standards for the USPS, there are some content standards of which you may want to be aware.  Content such as Solicitations in Guise of Bills, Invoices, or Statements of Ac......

Do you do custom work?
Antoinette Collins Sep 28, 2016

Maybe. If you're interested in something you don't see on the site, such as a specific product variation, please contact Click2Mail Customer Support to discuss the possibilities at 866-665-2787 or Customer Support is available Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 8 PM Eastern....

What is Bulk Mail?
Antoinette Collins Sep 28, 2016

"Bulk mail" refers to large quantities of First Class and Standard Class mail sent at reduced postage rates after being prepared and presorted by the mailer.  The Postal Service uses the terms "bulk" and "presorted" interchangeably.  Bulk mail should not be confused with ......

Can I export my USPS address book to my Click2Mail address book?
Antoinette Collins Sep 29, 2016


Why Hasn't My First Class Mail Been Delivered Yet?
Antoinette Collins Sep 30, 2016

The estimated delivery time for First-Class Mail® is 2 to 4 postal business days, but does not provide the benefit of a guarantee like Express Mail® service offers. ...

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