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Upload and Insert an Image Using the Editor
Carly Brown Oct 11, 2016

Images should be more than 150 dpi and they must not have a transparent background. Images can be .png or .jpg files. Follow the steps below to insert an image onto your mailpiece using the MOL Pro Document Editor....

How do I rotate an image or text box?
Carly Brown Oct 11, 2016

You can rotate and tilt images and text boxes inserted onto your document through the MOL Pro editor....

Image Quality
Antoinette Collins Sep 28, 2016

When it comes to images, the higher the dpi, the better. Look at the illustrations below. This image shows you how an image with 72 dpi will print. Images with low dpi will print pixelated or blurry....

My Images
Carly Brown Jul 20, 2018

Images uploaded for use in the Click2Mail Document Editor are stored in My Images. View them by clicking "My Images". My Images is located underneath My Assets on the left of your account dashboard. ...

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