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Create a MailJack Address Capture Template

Carly Brown posted this on Sep 7, 2017

Once you create a MailJack template, you can quickly mail the same kind of job over and over again, making it great for recurring mail projects. You can enter the template creation

You can enter the template creation from your Click2Mail dashboard or directly from MailJack.

From MailJack, click "Upload PDF".

MailJack Upload PDF

From your Click2Mail Dashboard, click the "+" next to MailJack Address Capture.

MailJack Create Template

Click "Create Template".

MailJack Create Template

Give the template a meaningful name so you'll remember it. This is especially helpful if you plan on creating and managing multiple templates in your account. Select a product type, and select the printing properties you want to associate with the template. The properties that you see displayed will depend on the product type you've chosen. Click "Continue" when finished.

MailJack Create Template

Your template will be available for selection from both the Click2Mail dashboard and in MailJack.