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What is the difference between sheets and pages?
Antoinette Collins Sep 27, 2016

A piece of paper is a sheet.  The front of that paper is a page and the back of that paper is another page....

Pressure Sealed Mailer
Carly Brown Jul 14, 2017

The Pressure Sealed Mailer, sometimes called a Snap Pack, is a Secure Self Mailer that's perfect for sending private information like PIN numbers, medical bills, invoices, and anything else that requires discretion. The pressure sealed mailer is printed on 8.5" x 11" security paper that's bi-fold......

Envelope Options
Antoinette Collins Sep 30, 2016

Click2Mail offers the following envelope types for the assembly of your order. Envelope measurements are as follows....

Printing Format
Antoinette Collins Sep 30, 2016

Click2Mail offers the following print formats for letters...

Color Options and Color Matching
Antoinette Collins Sep 30, 2016

Color Options...

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