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Ordering an Absentee Homeowner List

Antoinette Collins posted this on Sep 27, 2016

You can order absentee homeowner lists from Click2Mail.  Absentee homeowner lists are sometimes called non-owner occupied lists.  This article outlines the process for ordering an Absentee Homeowner list.  These directions can be printed out for a reference throughout the order process.

To begin the order process, log in to your Click2Mail account.  From the dark blue tool bar at the top of the screen, mouse over Mailing List Services and click "Real Property Lists".

Real Property List

Click "Site ZIP".

Site Zip

Enter the ZIP Codes in which you want the properties to be located.  If you're looking for houses in the 22553 zip code, you'll enter 22553.  Click "ZIP Code" to continue.

Zip Code

Click "Omit".  You must click "Omit".  Entering the zip codes without clicking "Omit" will not provide you with an Absentee Homeowner list.

Omit Zip Code

Enter the same ZIP Codes you entered under Site ZIP.  Click Additional Selections to add additional behavioral and demographic requirements to your list.

Additional Selections

Click "All Selections" to view a complete list of available criteria.  There are many, many available criteria for a Real Property list.  You may have to scroll down to see them all.

All Selections

Select your preferred criteria and click "Continue".


Specify the parameters within a criteria you wish to include and click "Continue".

Select Criteria

You can add additional selections or click "Geography" to edit your geographic requirements.  If no changes are necessary, click "Get List Count".


Get List Count

The total number of records meeting your list requirements will replace the Get List Count button.  Click "Place Order" if you are ready to proceed.

Indicate the number of records you wish to purchase.  The minimum number of records you can purchase is 100.  Also indicate how many times you plan on using the list.  Click "Continue with Order". 

Indicate Quantity

Under Internet Delivery, select a file format, letter case and compression type.  Most people find it easiest to select "CSV (Excel)" from File Format and "ZIP Format (.ZIP)" from Compression Type.

Select Format

The list cost will be displayed towards the top of the screen.  Click "Continue".

Order Summary

An email will be sent to you when your list is ready for download.  The default email address is the one associated with your account and the default subject line is displayed.  You can specify a different email address if you wish and also customize the subject line.  Click "Continue".

Place Order

The final screen displays a lot of critical information so I've broken it down into smaller chunks to provide you with more thorough information.

The Order Summary section displays your cost.  The Billing Address section displays your billing address.

Order Summary

The next few steps are crucial if you want your list to contain the property owner's mailing address and the site property address.  If this step is not taken, you will only receive the property owner's mailing address. 

The Shipping Address section displays a list of fields included in a mailing list by default.  To add the site property address to your list, click "Change".

Shipping Address

From the Add fields menu, locate and select "Site Address".  The available fields are listed in alphabetical order.

Add Site Address

Click "Add".

Click Add

From the Add fields menu, locate and select "Site State".  Click "Add".

Click Add

From the Add fields menu, locate and select "Site ZIP Code".  Click "Add".

Add Site Zip

Now that the site address components have been added to your list, click "Submit".

Special Layout

The added fields will now be visible in the Shipping Address section.

Shipping Address

Enter your payment information.  Specify the email address to which you want the order confirmation to be sent.  Read and accept the License Agreement.  Click "Confirm" to complete your order.

Payment Information

You will receive one email confirming your order.  The email will contain your order ID and a download password.  You will not need the password if you are logged into your account while you download the list.

Order Confirmation

You will receive another email notification when the order has finished processing and is ready for download.  The second email will also contain instructions for downloading your mailing list.  Your list will only be available for download for 30 days.

Confirmation Email

If you have any questions during the order process, please contact Click2Mail Customer Support at 866-665-2787 or [email protected].

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