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Click2Mail and Nonprofit
Antoinette Collins Sep 28, 2016

Before Click2Mail can extend nonprofit postage rates to your account, you must receive authorization from the USPS.  The USPS authorization process can be found here on the Postal Explorer website.Once you have received authorization from the USPS, two items are required in order for Click2M......

Nonprofit Delivery Expectations
Antoinette Collins Sep 30, 2016

USPS does not publish delivery standards for Standard / Marketing mail and nonprofit mail. USPS delivery times for Standard Mail are unavoidably inconsistant and can range from 3 to 30 days. Click2Mail notes an average of 9 - 12 delivery days by using strategic drop-ship partnerships and destinat......

What can be mailed using nonprofit rates?
Antoinette Collins Sep 30, 2016

These items can be mailed at nonprofit rates:...

Personal Information Can't be included in Nonprofit Mailpieces
Antoinette Collins Sep 30, 2016

Personal information is defined by the USPS as information specific to the addressee, and can not be sent in nonprofit rate mailpieces.  A customer support ruling was issued that defined some specific pieces of information as personal.  These items are:...

USPS - How to Apply for Authorization to Mail at Nonprofit Prices
Jim Boardman Oct 6, 2016


Request Nonprofit from Click2Mail
Antoinette Collins Oct 6, 2016

If the USPS has approved your request to mail at nonprofit rates and you have received your Authorization number, you can request access to nonprofit postage rates from Click2Mail.  It takes 1 - 5 business days for your request to be be approved.  After your request has been approved, o......

What is Nonprofit Mail?
Antoinette Collins Oct 6, 2016

Nonprofit mail is sometimes referred to as Nonprofit Standard Mail.  Authorized nonprofit organizations are eligible to receive additional savings on Standard Mail postage rates when they send qualifying mail pieces.  Once it enters the mail stream, Nonprofit Mail is processed identical......

Who Qualifies for Nonprofit Postage Rates?
Antoinette Collins Oct 6, 2016

Authorization to mail at nonprofit rates can only be obtained from the USPS.  Organizations that typically are eligible for Postal Service nonprofit privileges include:1.  Agricultural2.  Educational3.  Fraternal4.  Labor5.  Philanthropic6.  Religious7.  Sc......

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