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Carly Brown Sep 27, 2016

A video tutorial that shows you how to view order history can be found on our YouTube channel:

Download Intelligent Mail® (Non-Certified Tracking) Data
Antoinette Collins Sep 27, 2016

Intelligent Mail® is used to track the delivery of non-certified mail.  Most Click2Mail products are now mailed with an Intelligent Mail® barcode on them. Intelligent Mail barcodes don't track pieces to recipient mailboxes, but they do track mail to the USPS deliv......

What is Intelligent Mail®?
Antoinette Collins Sep 28, 2016

View a video about viewing Intelligent Mail® tracking information from your Click2Mail account on YouTube....

View Credit History
Antoinette Collins Sep 29, 2016

Log into your account.  If you are already logged into your account, click "My Account"....

What is Informed Visibility®?
Carly Brown Feb 22, 2018


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