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Full Bleed
Jim Boardman Sep 27, 2016

Click2Mail offers a full bleed on all of our EDDM, brochure and postcard products except the 3.5"" x 5"".  Bleed is a printing term that refers to printing that goes beyond the edge of crop marks indicating where paper should be trimmed. The bleed compensates for paper, cutting and design in......

What colors are potentially selected for Printers Choice?
Carly Brown Oct 12, 2016

Printers Choice paper can include the following Astrobrights®, 65# colors:...

What is Printers Choice?
Carly Brown Oct 12, 2016

Printers Choice is a low-cost way to refresh your next postcard mailing when using black and white print.  A random selection of four Astrobright®, 65# uncoated cardstock paper colors will be selected for your project (Lunar Blue, Galaxy Gold, Cosmic Orange and Pulsar Pink). ...

What postcards have the Printers Choice option?
Carly Brown Oct 12, 2016

The Printers Choice paper option is available for all postcard sizes except the 3.5" x 5" and Jumbo 6" x 11"....

Is Printers Choice more expensive than Yellow or Green postcards?
Carly Brown Oct 12, 2016

No, this option is offered at the same low price....

With the Printers Choice option can I use all the layout options that are available for postcards?
Carly Brown Oct 12, 2016

Yes.  The only change will be in the paper color options....

Can I choose a specific color for Printers Choice?
Carly Brown Oct 12, 2016


Why can't you put UV coating on black and white documents?
Jim Boardman Sep 28, 2016

You can only select UV coating for full-color documents.  This is because black ink absorbs more of the UV coating than the white paper, which causes an uneven, unpleasant looking final product....

Postcard Paper
Carly Brown Oct 18, 2016

We offer multiple postcard stock options:...

Postcard - Jumbo 6 x 11 - Basic Description
Antoinette Collins Oct 6, 2016

This product is printed on white 100# postcard stock.  The product is available with a full bleed, full color and UV coating that make it a truly unique and attractive direct mail piece. ...

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