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Printing Technology

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Which CMYK profile do you use?
Carly Brown Oct 11, 2016


Printing and Mailing Locations
Antoinette Collins Sep 29, 2016

Click2Mail uses a sophisticated process to route your mail pieces by individual ZIP Code to the closest production site to your recipients.  This results in your order being produced at one or more of our regional production sites.  Click2Mail production sites are located in Florida,&nb......

Printer Specifications
Antoinette Collins Sep 29, 2016

Here is some interesting information about the printers used at one of our production centers:...

What is a transparent background?
Jim Boardman Oct 6, 2016

A transparent background is invisible to the human eye.  If you drag an image with a transparent background onto your desktop, you will be able to see your wallpaper behind the image instead of a background.  Transparent backgrounds are helpful during the design process, but printers of......

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