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My proof doesn't look right. What should I do?
Antoinette Collins Sep 28, 2016

Do not submit your order unless you are satisfied with the proof.  Once you approve a set of proofs for mailing and submit your order, you are responsible for any formatting, spelling or merge errors that appear in that proof....

Why Hasn't My First Class Mail Been Delivered Yet?
Antoinette Collins Sep 30, 2016

The estimated delivery time for First-Class Mail® is 2 to 4 postal business days, but does not provide the benefit of a guarantee like Express Mail® service offers. ...

Can I get some help?
Jim Boardman Oct 4, 2016


Get a Cost Estimate
Antoinette Collins Oct 5, 2016

You can use the Production Selection tool to obtain a cost estimate before starting your project.  To begin, browse to and select "Products / Cost Estimator" from the menu on the left....

Carly Brown Oct 11, 2016

Occassionally a postcard will be returned to you with a smeared appearance.  Our printers use toner and not ink.  Toner is fused to the paper, so apparent smearing during the print process is extremely, extremely rare.  More often than not, what appears to be smearing on postcards ......

Why was this mail returned to me?
Antoinette Collins Sep 27, 2016

Sometimes mail can't be delivered. This happens for a variety of reasons, but it usually happens because the recipient has moved. This is minimized when you use Click2Mail because we compare your addresses with the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) database. If your list contains a record th......

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