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Certified Self Mailer - with Green Card Receipt
This self-mailer format reduces your cost for sending Certified Mail and increases the likelihood of your letter being opened by eliminating the envelope. Ideal for routine legal notices and response forms.

We provide templates for some of the most common desktop design applications. These templates are setup for the correct size, orientation and masking to ensure compatibility with our system.

Please click here to download product templates.

Q: What is Certified Mail?

A: Certified Mail is an “extra” domestic mail service that assigns a unique tracking number to each article mailed and provides the sender with a legally recognized proof of both mailing and delivery.

Q: How does Certified Mail work?

A: Each Certified mail piece is created using a unique tracking number assigned by the United States Postal Service (USPS). That number is tracked in your account on and can be used to check the delivery status on the USPS web site. A signed and dated Return Receipt (green card or electronic) is optional for an additional fee. You may also request Restricted Delivery service which requires a specified person or their authorized agent to sign for the mail piece. Certified Mail is available for U.S. addresses only.

Q: Why Certified Mail?

A: There are many reasons why sending Certified Mail with Click2Mail makes good sense. Among them:

  • It’s urgent: The need for someone to officially sign for your mail piece adds a sense of urgency.
  • It’s official: Certified Mail is a widely-recognized mechanism for delivering legal documents and notices.
  • It’s traceable: Someone at the delivery address must sign for your mail piece. With Restricted Delivery a specific person (or their agent) must sign for it. Delivery status is available online.

Q: Are there different types of Certified Mail?

A: Yes.

  • Certified Mail. Provides a unique tracking number that you can check online to confirm that your mail piece arrived at its destination. The letter carrier is allowed to deliver the mail to anyone who receives mail at that address.
  • Certified Mail with Return Receipt (the green card). For an additional fee, a return receipt green card is attached to the mail piece and then signed and dated by the recipient upon delivery and returned to you by mail.
  • Certified Mail with Electronic Return Receipt. For an additional fee (less than the green card), an electronic version of the return receipt is captured as a PDF document that includes an image of the recipient’s signature or an approved hand-stamp. These are made available in your Click2Mail account.
  • Certified Mail with Return Receipt and Restricted Delivery. Adding restricted delivery service to the return receipt restricts delivery to the actual addressee or an authorized agent.

Q: When is the right occasion to send Certified Mail?

A: Click2Mail Certified Mail works especially well in business-to-business communication. Use it for:

  • Sending a product recall notice
  • Notifying members of a vote requirement
  • Following up repossessions
  • Delivery-required messages to your customers
  • Annual reports
  • Shareholder statements
  • Official communications with clients and partners
  • Important event reminders

Q: Can I personalize my Certified Mail for each recipient?

A: Yes! At Click2Mail, we believe that personalized mail is smart marketing. Our Mailing Online Publisher allows you to easily personalize your Certified Mail letter by using data from your mailing list – similar to “mail-merge.” This allows you to integrate information such as a customer name, salutation, account number, balance due, appointment date, and so on.

Q: When will my Certified Mail be sent?

A: Unless you have specified a different mailing date in Mailing Online Pro, your Certified Mail will be in the mail the next business day....including Saturday, as long as we receive your order by 8:00pm ET. See production and mailing schedule.

Q: What about a mailing list?

A: Lists are easy to create or we make it easy for you to purchase one online at Any list created in a word processing, spreadsheet, or database program and saved in CSV, XLS, XLSX, or TXT file formats is compatible with the Mailing Online Pro system. Delimited files can use comma, pipe, semicolon, or tab delimiters. For instructions, refer to the Click2Mail Knowledge Base or call us at 1-866-665-2787.

Q: Can I get some help?

A: Of course! There are three ways to get help: The Click2Mail Knowledge Base answers most general and how-to questions; a program-specific Help Menu is available after you sign into your account; and our experts are standing by at 1-866-665-2787 Monday-Friday, 9AM to 8PM Eastern Standard Time. For details, click the Help tab above.

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