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Saving on postage costs for Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail is a valuable privilege. For example: sending 5,000 letters via the Nonprofit rate would save roughly $1500 compared to First-Class Mail. Sending Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) can save you even more.

USPS requirements are complicated; at minimum they require:

  • Your organization must qualify with the United States Postal Service (USPS) as a nonprofit (IRS designated nonprofits do not always qualify)
  • You must mail at least 200 mailpieces at once
  • Mail content must meet USPS Marketing Mail requirements (noncommercial content)
  • You are mailing within the United States or its territories (international mail is not eligible)

Organizations that typically qualify include: agricultural, educational, fraternal, labor, philanthropic, religious, scientific, veterans, and some political committees (individuals do not).

Some organizations that appear to fall within those categories may still fail to qualify under USPS rules--for example, business leagues, chambers of commerce, social and hobby clubs, and certain political organizations are usually not eligible.

With years of experience, we know how confusing and intimidating the nonprofit application and qualification process can be to navigate. Though many organizations do it on their own (see “Resources� above), Click2Mail offers a fee-based service for assisting with the nonprofit application process and assisting you in starting up your nonprofit mailing status on once you qualify. (Your nonprofit designation can also be used with any other printer/mailers.)

For a one-time $99 fee, the service includes addressing some or all of these issues:

  • Does your organization qualify for nonprofit postal rates?
  • Which of your mailpieces qualify for nonprofit postal rates?
  • We walk you through filling in the forms you will need to submit to the USPS
  • We answer your questions about completing the qualification forms
  • We submit the forms to the USPS on your behalf (optional)
  • Once approved, we help you set up your nonprofit status on

If you only need help setting up your existing or newly awarded nonprofit
status on, our regular customer support team is happy to help
at no charge.

Schedule a Click2Mail Nonprofit Startup consultation

Setting up a consultation is free. Once the Click2Mail consultant inquires about your needs and you have agreed to the Startup process, we will charge the $99 fee by credit card.

Simply click on contact us and provide details. We will contact you within one business day.

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