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October 21, 2017

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Inside Click2Mail

Getting Personal With Direct Mail

Gone are the days of the printing press that required plates to be created for each and every item printed. That process, while revolutionary in its day, made it nearly impossible and very expensive to use variable data. Today, thanks to advances in…READ MORE

Inside Click2Mail

Focus on Postcards: Part Two


In the second of our four-part series, we'll talk about designing your postcard for maximum impact.   Don't overcrowd. Too much information crammed into a too small space confuses the reader and is perhaps the most common cause of less-than-expected postcard results. Make sure your design works with the format,…READ MORE

Inside Click2Mail

Using Mail to Reach Decision Makers: Why It Still Works

In spite of the tsunami of digital communications that has inundated the world over the past couple of decades, business-to-business marketers continue to give direct mail the single largest chunk of their budget, according to a Pitney Bowes survey. Over half of the same survey respondents said that direct mail…READ MORE

Inside Click2Mail

Why Outbound Marketing Will Never Die

You may have heard recently that outbound marketing is so over. Consumers have been flooded with messages in all channels — TV/radio, email, the internet, telemarketing, the environment and, yes, the mailbox — to the point where they just tune it all out. Inbound marketing is where it's at, some…READ MORE

Inside Click2Mail

Address Quality Matters

Like your pizza hot? ... getting your physical address right makes all the difference in getting that pizza delivered before it’s cold. No one expects a telephone operator to connect their call; it is understood that you’ve got to use the correct digits when you’re ordering that pie.  In the…READ MORE

Inside Click2Mail

“Hey, How Did That Happen?” Why Your Mail Gets Damaged Sometimes

Every day the US Postal Service processes and delivers half a billion pieces of mail each day.  That’s an average of 351,656 mailpieces processed each minute. Fast! Not surprising to learn that letters or postcards can get damaged in the process. Sometimes, you may even see a rub or…READ MORE

Inside Click2Mail

How to Order the Eclipse Stamp for Your Next Mailing

    Follow these 5 steps to add the live Solar Eclipse stamp to your next mailing.   1. Go to 2. Navigate to the top left menu and select “Print & Mail…READ MORE

Inside Click2Mail

10 Creative Direct Mail Ideas You Have Never Thought of to Make Your Mail Stand Out

If you have a mailbox then it probably doesn’t shock you to hear that 44% of Americans throw out their mail, unopened.    Impersonal ads, tossed. Irrelevant notices, thrown. Already-paid bills, slam dunked.    But did you know that B2B direct mail is 37 times more effective than email,…READ MORE

Inside Click2Mail

Everyone Loves Postcards - Part 1

It’s no secret that people love postcards. That’s why we’re reviving and refreshing our four-part postcard series with updated statistics that are relevant to both experienced mailing pros and novice beginners who are still trying to decide on a mailpiece format. As always, if you have any questions about this…READ MORE

Inside Click2Mail

What You Can Do with Click2Mail and Zapier

If you haven't yet tried Zapier's tools for making your everyday business software automatically generate a mailing on Click2Mail, take a look at what you could be doing ... and how much time and work you could be saving!   Idea #1: Mail with Google Sheets If you use…READ MORE

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