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January 17, 2017

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Inside Click2Mail

Postage Rate Change 2017

    The USPS is changing rates on Sunday, January 22, 2017.   USPS prices will increase for postage on First-Class letters, Standard Mail and EDDM®, and for Certified Mail™ extra service fees. Postage will not change…READ MORE

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Why Mail this Month? Why Mail in January?

It's a time for evaluating the past and making new plans for the future. That includes developing your strategy and schedule for direct mailings throughout the year.   Like every other marketing channel, direct mail success is best achieved through repetition. One viewing of a TV ad, one email or…READ MORE

Inside Click2Mail

5 Steps to Direct Mail Promotions Success

If you have a product, service or special offer to promote, and you've decided that direct mail will be an effective way to send that message to your current and/or prospective customers, here's what to do next.   1. Define your customer. Things you should know about your customer include…READ MORE

Inside Click2Mail

Postcard Marketing: Part 3

This is the third of our four-part series on direct mail's most popular format, the postcard. In the previous articles, we covered why postcards work so well, and how to create the most effective postcard design. Now we'll talk about tracking your results and testing different variables to achieve maximum…READ MORE

Inside Click2Mail

Why Outbound Marketing Will Never Die

You may have heard recently that outbound marketing is so over. Consumers have been flooded with messages in all channels — TV/radio, email, the internet, telemarketing, the environment and, yes, the mailbox — to the point where they just tune it all out. Inbound marketing is where it's at, some…READ MORE

Inside Click2Mail

Click2Mail Webinar Schedule 2017

Click2Mail Webinar Schedule 2017 These short presentations are live broadcast and scheduled at the end of the month.  They are available on the Click2Mail YouTube Channel to review at your convenience, too. Or schedule a one-on-one presentation for your company by contacting Customer Service Support at [email protected]    Introduction…READ MORE

Inside Click2Mail

You Spoke. We Listened.

You spoke - we listened and we’re making a change to improve our non-color postcards. Starting Monday, November 21st, we will change the paper stock for all black and white postcards to uncoated stock. We believe this change will reduce the risk of postal damage and improve the appearance…READ MORE

Inside Click2Mail

Remind Santa: Magical Letters from Santa

There is hardly a better way to keep the spirit of Santa alive than with a beautifully illustrated card signed by St. Nick himself (and postmarked at the North Pole – really!) mailed to the young people (and young-at-heart) in your life.       6 Reasons You ShouldREAD MORE

Inside Click2Mail

Why Email Marketing May Not Be Enough

While there's no doubt that email marketing has its advantages - immediacy, reach, and affordability, but it also has significant drawbacks compared to direct mail. Check out the list below, and analyze whether your target audience is better contacted through the addition of direct mail than just the internet.  …READ MORE

Inside Click2Mail

Focus on Postcards: Part Two


In the second of our four-part series, we'll talk about designing your postcard for maximum impact.   Don't overcrowd. Too much information crammed into a too small space confuses the reader and is perhaps the most common cause of less-than-expected postcard results. Make sure your design works with the format,…READ MORE

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