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April 23, 2014

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Building a Brand for Small Businesses

  No matter how big or small you company is, your brand matters! Your brand is what makes you, you. It’s what sets you apart from the others and makes you recognizable. Yet small business owners often have a hard time branding – because they are too busy and/or don’t…READ MORE

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Print, Process & Deliver Postcards for the Price of a Stamp

  These distinctive little postcards fit in your shirt pocket! Black-and-white and single-sided, they are the most direct, economical way to communicate a short message and are available in two flavors: Same-as-a-Stamp and traditional Single-sided.   If you’re mailing at least 250 cards, Same-as-a-Stamp costs the same as a postage…READ MORE

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Winning Hand with Click2Mail: Content is King

The key to a winning hand in direct mail is the King: content. Great content is what captures your audience and keeps them coming back. Great content also helps you establish yourself as an expert in your field, which breeds trust with your audience.   Even if you aren’t a…READ MORE

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Click2Mail Webinar Schedule 2014

Click2Mail Webinar Schedule 2014 These short online presentations are hosted live over the Internet and registered customers can request a copy at any time by sending an email to   Introduction to Click2Mail Learn the basics of creating direct mail, newsletters and professional-looking correspondence with Click2Mail's turn-key…READ MORE

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Why Mail This Month? For Home Improvement and Contractors

Spring is a time of change and renewal; the snow is melting, new flowers are blooming, trees are regaining their leaves, and homeowners begin the annual chore of spring cleaning. From closet organization to handyman fix-ups to getting the yard ready, homeowners need your help. With direct mail, reach your…READ MORE

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Winning Hand With Click2Mail

Even in today’s digital world, direct mail plays an important role in helping you market your business. In this article, learn how mail can be an effective tool in enhancing your impact and increasing your customer engagement.   3 benefits of direct mail marketing:   Our brains respond differently…READ MORE

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The Power of Mobile Marketing

Take a minute and look at the world around you. How many devices do you see? Whether you are in your office or sitting at a coffee shop, chances are that almost everyone around you has a mobile device in front of them or in their hand. Maybe you are…READ MORE

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Marketing For National Events and Holidays

As a marketer one of your first priorities is to engage your audience. In order to engage them, you must reach them on a personal, emotional level. For example, we all remember commercials that are awe-inspiring – the Super Bowl Budweiser commercials, commercials about soldiers coming home from war, commercials…READ MORE

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Why Mail This Month – For Lawyers & Legal Mail

As a legal professional, you count on mail for many different things, from advertising your practice to sending important documents. For both, it’s important to have someone you trust to get your document where it needs to go – safely, on time, and with as little hassle as possible. We…READ MORE

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Mailing List Management

Just as you deep clean your home, organize your junk drawers, and look over your budget, the beginning of the year is the perfect time for mailing list maintenance. That’s what Sharon was thinking when she came to us a few weeks ago, very concerned that she kept getting mail…READ MORE