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July 25, 2016

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Accomplish More with Email-to-Mail


We’re excited to introduce you to our newest Email-to-Mail enhancements — making mail even easier.  Use your email application to send printed copies of digital documents via US Mail email attachments, automatically printed and mailed the next business day, through the US Postal Service, for just pennies more…READ MORE

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Click2Mail Webinar Schedule 2016

Click2Mail Webinar Schedule 2016 These short presentations are live broadcast and scheduled at the end of the month.  They are available on the Click2Mail YouTube Channel to review at your convenience, too. Or schedule a one-on-one presentation for your company by contacting Customer Service Support at [email protected]   …READ MORE

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Using Mail to Reach Decision Makers: Why It Still Works

In spite of the tsunami of digital communications that has inundated the world over the past couple of decades, business-to-business marketers continue to give direct mail the single largest chunk of their budget, according to a Pitney Bowes survey. Over half of the same survey respondents said that direct mail…READ MORE

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Why Mail this Month? Why Mail in July?

'Tis the season ... to think about the holidays! Smart marketers start preparing now, so they'll be positioned to take maximum advantage of the biggest profit-making time of the year.   Stay top of mind with your customers. You want your business to be a familiar face among the multitude…READ MORE

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Getting Over the Sales Slump with Direct Marketing

If your sales are in the doldrums, chances are it's because your marketing is, too. Tactics that were initially successful are now just giving your target customers the familiarity that breeds contempt (or at best, boredom).   It's time to shake things up! Generate a surge in customer attention —…READ MORE

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Click2Mail Tips & Tricks – Duplicating a Job

We continue our series on how to make Click2Mail work better and faster for you with a quick tutorial on duplicating a previous job. Instead of starting a new job from scratch, you can save time and effort by:       • Sending the duplicate to a…READ MORE

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Why Mail this Month? Why Mail in June?

This month we'd like to talk about an even more fundamental question: why advertise at all? Especially if you're a small business, you may think the possible rewards aren't worth the risk of spending limited resources.   The fact is, advertising can bring you a very nice, and reasonably safe,…READ MORE

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7 Habits of the Highly Frugal Marketer

One of the most successful books of the last three decades is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey. What makes it so great is that its principles work for anything you want to succeed in. Let's see how they apply to marketing on a tight budget.READ MORE

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Content Marketing: What Is It and Does It Apply to Direct Mail?

Content marketing is adding text (content) to your website that will help generate sales and/or leads. Here are a few FAQs on the whys and hows of synergizing content with direct mail.   Q: What's the difference between marketing content and plain content? Plain content is simply information about your…READ MORE

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Why Mail this Month? Why Mail in May?

You are now entering the family fun zone! And with a summer full of celebrations and vacations on the horizon, we're offering a 15% discount on postcard mailings* to help your business get in on the action.   Events of a lifetime. Graduations, weddings, proms and anniversaries will be commemorated…READ MORE