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Print & SHIP
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Click2Mail clients first requested the Print & Ship feature so they could receive extra copies of their mailers to hand out locally. We made it even better! Print & Ship documents can be designed for non-mail purposes too: coupons, club cards, in-store flyers, etc.

  • Have us print additional copies of your Mailing Online mailpiece design
  • Print unaddressed Postcards, Flyers, Brochures, and menu-style folded Cardstock
  • Grab a Click2Mail template and design any document you need printed in bulk
  • online convenience with very competitive pricing
  • Minimum quantity 1000 pieces

Click2Mail templates include a space suitable for do-it-yourself addressing, but with Print & Ship you don't have to mail anything. If you are designing for other purposes, you can use the address space as you choose. But if you do plan to mail your piece, be certain to leave the space blank.