THE quick, easy, affordable way to create and mail postcards, brochures, letters, and more...

The medium of direct mail is being reborn. One unexpected result of the rush to digital media is that the mail that makes it to our mailboxes is attracting more interest than ever. Those willing to pinpoint smart applications, to test approaches, and to cultivate and build quality lists have the potential to reach the unreachable-the customers and prospects that are otherwise lost to the modern flood of information.

Click2Mail's free-to-use Mailing Online Publisher offers a new approach to putting print back to work for your organization. Its Web browser-based tools provide all you need to manage your lists and to create, personalize, and proof your mailing pieces. Best of all, it is a system that completely eliminates the need for sorting, labeling, applying postage, and delivery to a post office-we do it all for you for just a little more than you would normally pay for the postage alone.

Whether yours is a Fortune 500 company looking for fast-turnaround and volume discounts, a mid-sized organization searching for an affordable outreach solution, or a startup working to build an audience, Click2Mail's Mailing Online Publisher offers a scalable, easy-to-use interface that makes sense and saves money.