Statements & Invoices

Turn PDFs into postal mail without printing, folding, stuffing, or sticking a stamp on an envelope. MailJack+ is ideal for sending invoices, statements, and other computer-generated communications—preaddressed or using a separate address list. For PDF documents, think of MailJack+ as a time-saving, cost-efficient, easy-to-manage, virtual mailroom.

Just create a one-time, master MailJack "template" that defines: 1) the mailpiece format, page-count, paper type, and so on; 2) the address source—preaddressed documents or a list; and 3) the mail class. Save your template and reuse it anytime to send mail the same way—without further setup or extra steps. Just upload and send.

There are three

types of MailJacks:


Preaddressed PDF

Explanations of benefits
Password changes
Lead generation
Thank yous
Membership renewals
Appointment reminders
Recall alerts
Real estate listings
Late payment reminders

MailJack+ automatically grabs addresses from your PDF documents...

One at a time or as an output stream, MailJack+ reads and automatically standardizes your addresses then prints and mails each document with USPS IMb Tracking. Easily, automatically, and without coding...


PDF + Mailing List

Homeowner Lists
B2B Lists
Rental Lists
Catalog Lists
Residential Lists
Education Lists
Small Business Lists
Marketing Lists
Medical Lists
Government Lists
Legal Lists
Healthcare Lists
Mortgage Lists
Insurance Lists
Religious Lists
College Lists
Consumer Lists
Investors Lists
Manufacturing Lists

...or use MailJack+ to automate the sending of PDFs to a mailing list...

Set up MailJack+ to quickly send a single 1-10 page PDF to one or more recipients on any CSV mailing list. Just drag and drop a PDF, upload your list and you're done...


PDF + Mailing List

{ Statement total }
{ Organization }
{ Last name }
{ City }
{ Salutation }
{ Price }
{ Invoice number }
{ Date }
{ First name }
{ Zip Code }
{ Greeting }
{ Discount code }
{ Password }
{ Location }
{ Property address }
{ Legal }
{ Registration deadline }
{ Event date }
{ Membership number }

...or use MailJack+ to automate the merging of variable data with your MOL documents on the fly...

Set up MailJack+ to automate the sending of any pre-staged variable data document from your Mailing Online Pro account with just a couple of clicks. Powerful, fast, and personalized!

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