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EDDM Mailer 6.25 x 11
This extra-wide horizontal postcard format gives you plenty of room to include multiple images and plenty of advertising copy too. POSTAGE SAVING BONUS--Let Click2Mail do it all and SAVE 2.1 CENTS per mailer!! Ideal for retail promotions and panoramic photo layouts.

We provide templates for some of the most common desktop design applications. These templates are setup for the correct size, orientation and masking to ensure compatibility with our system.

Please click here to download product templates.

Q: What is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Retail?

A: EDDM is a new program developed by the US Postal Service for local retailers and other location-based businesses that want to market by mail to households and businesses in a specific neighborhood. Technically, EDDM is Standard (bulk) Class mail, but EDDM mailpieces do not require a name OR an address because every delivery point on a specified mail carrier’s route receives a mailpiece addressed to “POSTAL CUSTOMER”; this is known as saturation mailing and as such it mails at very low postage rates. EDDM Retail is specifically designed for mailers who will mail less than 5,000 EDDM mailpieces per post office per day and has special rules. To receive this low postage rate the mail must be deposited at the local Post Office retail unit responsible for the delivery of the mail specified carrier route(s). Click2Mail will print and ship EDDM mailpieces to the specified local Post Office for mailing via “open and distribute” or will optionally provide shipping directly to your doorstep.

Q: Does EDDM Retail require any USPS permits?

A: No USPS postage permits or annual fees are required with EDDM Retail, but program registration with USPS is required (FREE). To register and obtain the required Mailer ID, visit the USPS Business Customer Gateway.

Q: Do I need a mailing list?

A: EDDM Retail uses a “simplified” address of Postal Customer instead of street numbers or boxes so no mailing list is required. You just need a list of mail routes and active delivery counts, which can be obtained through Click2Mail. Your target area can be a city, neighborhood or a specified distance from your business.

Q: What is the postage rate for EDDM Retail?

A: Postage is one simple rate of 17.6 cents per qualifying EDDM Retail mailpiece.

Q: How is postage paid on EDDM Retail mailings?

A: Typically, EDDM postage payment is made directly to the local retail Post Office at the time of mailing using a check or money order made out to “Postmaster” or “Postal Service” in the amount of the postage for your EDDM Retail. If you choose to have Click2Mail send your mailngs to the post office for you, we will collect and disburse funds for you as well.

Q: What kind of mailpiece can I create and send using EDDM Retail?

A: USPS requires that EDDM mailpieces qualify as flat-size “Saturation Standard Mail”, a specific USPS-defined format. Click2Mail has made qualifying for EDDM Retail simple by providing six different sizes and styles of USPS-approved EDDM Retail compatible templates for your use in creating your mailer.

Q: Can I use my existing USPS permit and trust account with EDDM Retail?

A: EDDM Retail does not allow the use of permit trust accounts.

Q: How long does it take for EDDM Retail mail to be delivered?

A: Click2Mail prints and ships your EDDM Retail mailpieces to you (or the appropriate post office) within one, three, or seven business days, depending on the options you select, so you’ll have them in your hands quickly, and because EDDM Retail is being mailed directly through the local Post Office responsible for delivery of the mail, delivery into local mailboxes will be quick and efficient.

Q: What special preparation is required for Click2Mail EDDM Retail?

A: USPS requires that EDDM Retail mailpieces be prepared with a "simplified address" (Postal Customer) and have a special postage indicia on each piece, and that mailpieces be counted, bundled and labeled for individual carrier routes before being dropped off at the local Post Office. Every EDDM mailpiece you order from Click2Mail has the required indicia and simplified address printed on it, and we give you three options for bundling, labeling, and mailing:

  • 1) We do it all
    For ultimate convenience, we print your mailpieces, count and bundle them by carrier route and then we mail them for you via "open and distribute" to the local Post Office.
  • 2) Ready to Mail (Bundled)
    We print and prepare your entire mailing, including counting and bundling the carrier routes, and ship it to you with the required USPS documentation ready to drop off at the Post Office. It couldn’t be any quicker or simpler.
  • 3) Do it Yourself – We print and ship, you prep and mail locally.
    We print your mailpieces and ship them to you, along with complete preparation instructions and printed copies of your USPS documentation; you do the counting and bundling by carrier route and then drop the mail off at the local Post Office. We make it easy, and you’ll save money by doing it yourself.

Q: What does "full bleed" mean?

A: Bleed is a printing term that refers to printing that goes beyond the edge of crop marks indicating where paper should be trimmed. The bleed trim area compensates for paper, cutting and design inconsistencies. When you create or upload EDDM with, your mailer will be printed and trimmed to show color to the very edge--no white border. That can make for a more catching, dramatic EDDM mailpiece that really highlights your message. Learn more about full bleed.

Q: How are my Click2Mail EDDM Retail mailpieces shipped to me?

A: We ship your EDDM Retail mailpieces within 1, 3, or 7 days of your order, depending on the production time chosen. We ship your order for free via USPS Priority Mail, or you may choose another courier for a fee.

Q: Can I get some help?

A: Of course! There are three ways to get help: The Click2Mail Knowledge Base answers most general and how-to questions; a program-specific Help Menu is available after you sign into your account; and our experts are standing by at 1-866-665-2787 Monday-Friday, 9AM to 8PM Eastern Standard Time. For details, click the Help tab above.

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