Best Mailing Products and Tools

USPS standard products and tools to help make your
enterprise mailing efficient.

  • Postcards


    Full color or B&W

    Lots of paper options

    Matte or glossy

  • Booklets


    Deliver large amounts of information

    Full color or B&W

    Up to 56 pages

  • Notecards


    Send elegant, personalized message

    High-quality paper and envelope

    First-Class stamp included

  • Rack cards


    Extra-wide, vertical or horizontal

    Color paper options

    Matte or Glossy

  • Brochures


    Self-mailer on heavy gloss paper

    Landscape page orientation

  • Letters


    Many envelope, address, and mail class options

    Folded or flat

    Full color or B&W

  • Secure Mailers

    Secure Mailer

    Pressure sealed mailer with perforated edges

    Security blockout for added privacy

    Full color or B&W

  • Flyers


    2 - 8 page self-mailer

    Portrait page orientation

    Full color or B&W

  • EDDM


    Reach every mailbox in the neighborhood without a mailing list

    Heavy 100lb matte cover paper

  • Certified Mail™

    Certified Mail

    Creates a sense of urgency and importance

    Proof of delivery

    Electronic Return Reciepts

  • Priority Mail

    Priority Mail Plus

    1 - 3 Business Day Delivery

    Fast, secure delivery

    USPS Tracking included

  • Reply Mail

    Reply Mail

    Letter in "ecoEnvelope" used to return reply

    Double postcard: one send, one reply

    Business or Courtesy Reply versions

  • Priority Mail Express

    Priority Mail Express

    Overnight delivery to most urban areas

    USPS tracking included

Our Awesome Apps

All the help and tools you need
to send perfect mail

Stuff for the
serious mail nerds

MailJack +

Turn PDFs into postal mail without printing, folding, stuffing, or sticking a stamp on an envelope. MailJack+ is ideal for sending invoices,

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Email attachments, automatically printed and mailed the next business day, through the United States Postal Service,

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Easy Letter Sender

EasyLetterSender is a super-simple tool for sending a letter with an optional photograph or artwork in a unique picture window envelope.

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APIs & Developers Tools

Cloud-based automation makes it easy to eliminate legacy mailroom processes.

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Getting your message out to entire neighborhoods has never been easier. It's a simplified way of using direct mail to market your product, service, or idea.

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Segmenting your mailing list can be a great way to personalize your communications, make the right offer to the right group at the right time. Targeting your audience more effectively with a personalized message is always more effective and lets your customer know you understand them and their needs. Defining your best customer Before you segment your list, it is always helpful to first identify and define your best customers and look for commonly shared factors that make them your best customer. An easy place to start is to look a purchase history, frequency of visits, and engagement with our brand. Does your best customer respond to coupons? You can also look at customer feedback and reviews to determine who your most loyal customers are. You value all of your customers and […]
December 31, 1969
Inside Click2Mail

Mail is another way to connect with your customers. It is a unique way to “touch” your best customer outside a computer, and reach them in their home without being intrusive. The leave-behind value of a physical card can’t be beat! Mail is often shared with others that have like interest and could become your new customer! Here are ten great reasons to create and send a card today: Need more information? Of if you have questions on how to get started to automate your greeting cards with Click2Mail, contact us at [email protected] or call 866.665.2787.
December 31, 1969
Inside Click2Mail

As you may already know, the US Postal Service has scheduled multiple postage rate increases this year, with the next increase effective Sunday, January 22, 2023. As a result, postage rates and fees charged to you by Click2Mail will increase effective Saturday, January 21, 2023. Please note that the rates we charge you are subject to change whenever there is a change in postage rates by the USPS or other global postal administrations. First Class letter rate will increase. • Single Piece First Class stamps will increase from $0.60 to $0.63.• With Click2Mail, postage on First Class letters with a standardized address will increase from $0.515 to $0.531. Postcard rate will increase. • Retail postcard stamps will increase from $0.44 to $0.48.• With Click2Mail, postage on postcards with a standardized address will increase from $0.359 to $0.381. As a […]
December 31, 1969
Inside Click2Mail

Real, postal mail on the go

From anywhere, anytime


Send photo-personalized notecards from your phone or tablet with just a few taps

Mail-it Now

Instantly mail any doc or image you can scan, snap, sign or sketch on your iphone or ipad.