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To check the status of your mailing orders, click the "Dashboard" button on the main button bar of the MOL homepage. A new page will be displayed with User Credits, Job Templates, My Projects, and Order History sections (see Figure 1).

Figure 1

The Order History section provides information on current and past transactions, and the status of your submitted and pending orders. In Order History, under the Action dropdown menu for an order, click "View Tracking" to display the mailing details of your order (see Figure 2). You will also find order information for Pro products in My Projects section.

Figure 2

Mail recipients have choices, too. Some consumers do not want to receive unsolicited mail. If a consumer wishes to explore their opt-out options, they should visit is a consumer portal developed by the Direct Marketing Association that houses MPS (Mail Preference Service), the 36 year old DMA service that enables consumers to express their preferences regarding the suppression and, more recently, the modification of direct mail marketing solicitations. DMAChoice is a direct marketing community service free online to consumers.

The postage discounts the USPS gives mailers for presorted mailings is based on something called Work Sharing. By presenting mail pieces that meet automation and barcode discount requirements, one or more of the Postal Service's sorting operations is bypassed. That represents savings for the USPS in processing costs and forms the basis of the discount that is passed on to mailers who present mail pieces meeting these requirements.

Automation and barcode discount requirements include placement of the return address, recipient address, barcode positioning, indicia, ancillary endorsement, document size, document weight, and NCOALink and CASS certified list processing. To obtain presort rates, mail must also be properly prepared, presorted, packaged, labeled and trayed (letter mail) or sacked (flats). There are very specific requirements for packaging, labeling, traying and sacking.

There are many, many requirements that must be met for mail pieces to qualify for automation and barcode discounts, but there's no reason to be intimidated. Click2Mail's easy to use interface makes it easy for you to take advantage of discounted postage rates.

If you are interested in something you don't see on the site, such as drop ship quantities, large quantities or a specific product variation, please call Customer Support for assistance. Customer Support can discuss the possibilities and work a quote.

Customer Support is open Monday - Friday 9 am - 8 pm Eastern. The phone number is 866-665-2787.

Return addresses on the Click2Mail mail pieces are text only and are prepositioned by the Click2Mail system. Graphical or image-based return addresses cannot currently be used with Click2Mail.

Logos may be placed anywhere else on your document. For example, on our new format of the double sided postcard, SpaceSaver postcard, a logo may be placed in the area above the reserved return address area.

Click2Mail has implemented the use of the Intelligent Mail Barcode on some mail pieces. The use of this barcode has extended our visibility into the mailstream and allows us to see the current status of your mail pieces. You can view the IMB tracking information on most products submitted after September 1, 2009. The tracking link can be found in "My Account -> Order History". In Order History, under the Action dropdown menu for an order, click "View Tracking" to display the mailing details of your order (see Figure). This will display all of the latest statuses from the USPS IMB tracking. Tracking information for Pro products may also be found in My Projects section.


At this time we do not support the ability for users to print the Certified Mail paper work from their home computer. If you do have a hard copy of document you will need to scan that document as a PDF file and upload it into our website. Otherwise you will need to go to your local Post Office.

No, you can not send certified mail to international addresses. Certified mail is a domestic mail product.

Yes! Make payments to [email protected] Once your payment is received, your Click2Mail account will be credited for that amount.

Postal service regulations do not allow for international return addresses when sending mail using an indicia. Because of this, you can not use international return addresses with mail sent through the Click2Mail system.

If you are sending stamped mail, you can use an international return address, however the processing of that returned mail will be handled according to that country's postal rules and regulations.

At this time, users do not have the capability to change the font used on the recipient information or return address. The recipient information and return address are printed in News Gothic MT. The size is generally 8pt - 10pt, but does vary depending on the size of the mail piece on which the address is being placed.

The estimated delivery time for First-Class Mail® is 1 to 4 postal business days, but does not provide the benefit of a guarantee like Express Mail® service offers. Without a definitive tracking system affixed to the service we are not able to tell you where the item is within the mail stream or when it will be delivered.

However, if expected First Class Mail® or Priority Mail® has not arrived within 5 postal business days from its date of mailing, you can:

Call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) where a customer service representative will document your concern, OR Visit the Postal Inspection Service website and complete a mail loss report. Please note that with a mail loss filing, you will not automatically receive a response. If the item(s) is located it will be returned to you.

Submit your First-Class mailpiece by 8PM EST and it is mailed the next business day (including Saturday). To minimize delivery time we use a sophisticated process to route your mail to the production facility closest to your recipients. Though delivery time of First-Class mail is not guaranteed, it typically takes 1 to 4 days.

Move Update is an address correction service that the USPS provides to mailers through USPS licenses. Address correction is necessary when your recipients move (either temporarily or permanently) and have filed a "Change of Address" with the USPS. To obtain the appropriate address correction information, Move Update licensees match mailing lists submitted to the USPS on tape, disk, or online against change-of-address information for the entire country from all Computerized Forwarding System units. If a match is made, NCOALink (National Change of Address Link) can correct the address before it is printed on a mail piece.

Click2Mail provides this service to our customers free of charge as part of our normal process when uploading your address list. Addresses that qualify for Move Update will be changed and the updated address will be printed on your documents when your order is produced. This results in less returned/forwarded mail for you and a cleaner and more promptly received document for your recipients.

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